Lab-quality diagnostics
in the comfort of your home

Flux's point-of-care technology measures multiple biomarkers in minutes at home

How it works

 Imagine a future where you can manage your health at home  

The Flux device is a portable magnetic sensing station that measures multiple analytes

User dips a disposable cartridge into a sample and plugs in to the device

Results are delivered to an app for instant monitoring of your health



Integrated Bluetooth/WiFi delivers results via an app enabling instant sharing


Tests ordered through a doctor are expensive. Flux offers low-cost, routine at-home testing.


Each chip features 80 sensors, allowing multiple analytes to be detected simultaneously


Simply dip the cartridge into a sample and plug into the reader, Flux does the rest.


Flux's device can measure multiple biomarkers in minutes for quick results


Results provide actionable insights for clinicians and telehealth providers 

State-of-the-art chip technology

Microfluidics to automate assay steps

Magnetic GMR chip with 80 sensors

Nanoparticles detect biomarkers with



Health at home

Results will enable telehealth providers to prescribe treatments, and clinicians to monitor health