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Our tech

Our portable biosensor platform leverages 15+ years of research conducted at Stanford University into the GMR effect. Our platform consists of three components: a reader station, microfluidic disposable cartridges containing a GMR biochip, and an app. Each biochip has 80 individual sensors which can be functionalized to detect a specific biomarker, allowing simultaneous measurement of multiple biomarkers in every sample. The sensors accurately and sensitively detect binding of magnetic nanoparticles brought in close proximity to the sensor by antibody-antigen interactions in real time. 


Our story

Flux was founded in 2017 by a team of scientists and engineers passionate about transforming diagnostics. After blowing the whistle at Theranos, CEO Tyler Shultz joined the Wang lab at Stanford University, recognizing the potential of their giant magnetoresistive (GMR) technology to achieve sensitive detection of biomarkers with high accuracy and in real-time. This technology was spun out into Flux, where we have worked to miniaturize GMR into a box which anyone can use at home to measure hormones related to sleep, stress, fertility...the possibilities are endless.


Our mission

At Flux, our mission is to proactively optimize the way people understand and approach their own health. Placing people and providers at the heart of every decision we make, we’re driven as much by science as we are by our desire to help people live their healthiest and happiest lives.

We believe that our affordable, multiplexable technology will expand the reach and efficacy of telemedicine, including connecting patients and practitioners to broader treatment options.