Flux Biosciences is a team of engineers and scientists who believe that patients should be empowered with actionable, affordable, accurate information to drive key life decisions. The San Francisco-based startup spun out of research at Stanford University, and aims to bring medical grade diagnostics into the homes of consumers. 


We believe that our affordable, multiplexable technology will expand the reach and efficacy of telemedicine, including connecting patients and practitioners to broader treatment options. 


We are currently developing a portable biosensor platform based on the giant magnetoresistive effect (GMR), leveraging 15+ years of research translating GMR technology into a wifi connected, point-of-care, in-vitro diagnostic device. This product consists of a disposable cartridge containing a GMR biochip, which can be functionalized with a unique capture probe, allowing simultaneous measurement of multiple biomarkers, positive and negative controls, and replicate assay runs in every sample. 


Beginning with urine-based early indicators of female fertility complications, Flux's technology is rapidly expanding to deliver unprecedented accuracy in at-home diagnostics and care options.


At Flux, our mission is to proactively optimize the way people understand and approach their own health. Placing people and providers at the heart of every decision we make, we’re driven as much by science as we are by our desire to help people live their healthiest and happiest lives.